Roche Rapid Covid-19 Antigen Test 5Pk Box of 5

Roche Rapid Covid-19 Antigen Test 5Pk Box of 5

  • Time for result: 15 Minutes

  • Sample Type: Nasal

  • Pack size: 5

  • Shelf Life: 24 months from manufacture date

  • Sensitivity: 90.6%

  • Specificity: 99.1%

Cost per test: $75.00 Excl. GST

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SARS-CoV-2 Rapid Antigen Self Tests.

The Ministry of Health has approved the use of Rapid Antigen Tests by registered businesses and private individuals.

This test is used to detect antigens of the SARS‐CoV‐2 virus in individuals suspected of having COVID‐19 and is designed as a self‐test for the general public.

 - Quick and easy test with results in 15 minutes
 - Comes in a box of 5
 - Approved by the Ministry of Health
 - All Rapid Antigen Tests are non-returnable.

    The result is available in just 15 minutes.

    This rapid antigen test for COVID-19 can help enable you to quickly assess whether you may be infected or not. If you test positive, you can immediately follow official advice on further testing and self-isolation.

    As the swab only has to be inserted into the lower nasal cavity, collection of the sample is relatively simple and comfortable. All the necessary materials are included within the kit and there are only 4 short steps required to complete the test.

    The test determines your infection status with a high level of accuracy and precision. Many of the SARS-CoV-2 variants have been analysed using the test and do not alter the reliability of the results.


    PRODUCT INSTRUCTIONS: Click Here for Video

    We offer training for businesses to use these kits also, contact us for more information.

    The New Zealand government has approved every business in New Zealand to use COVID-19 rapid antigen tests, under the Revocation and Replacement—Authorisations and Exemptions of Point of Care Tests order. Advance Diagnostics is approved to sell RATs to any registered New Zealand business.

    It’s currently not legal to sell COVID-19 rapid antigen tests to individuals, for home use.

    All Rapid Antigen Tests must be used as per MOH Guidelines, some helpful information from the Ministry can be found here:

    This test is used to detect antigens of the SARS‐CoV‐2 virus in individuals suspected of having COVID‐19 and is designed as a self‐test for the general public.

    Scalable COVID-19antigen testing in 15 minutes

    The Rapid Antigen Tests provides fast and accurate results wherever you need them most. The test has been confirmed to detect all current Variants of Concern, including the Delta variant, and it is easy to administer using either the nasal or swab methods. Results are available in 15 minutes.

    What our Customer Says

    Our company has engaged Advance Diagnostics

    to assist us with Random Drug and Alcohol testing service on a nationwide basis. Prior to this, they provided advice for our New Drug and Alcohol Policy as well as provide comprehensive training for our staff. I have been impressed by their passion and ease of service.
    Their knowledge of current compliance standards has enabled our business to implement our Drug and Alcohol policy and procedures,fully confident in the knowledge that we are able to ensure the safety wellness of our employees and customers.

    – Bruce – Health and Safety Manager – Jan 2016

    Advanced Diagnostics is an excellent supplier of ours,

    working in partnership to enable quality pre employment and current employment employment testing. They have excellent lines of communication enabling the management of our urgent demands and always happy to assist with technical questions. The staff are enthusiastic, helpful and move swiftly to assist with all our testing requirements. We are now using Advance Diagnostics exclusively in the supply of drug testing units. They help us add value to our clients, our staff and our business. A strong recommendation!

    – National Operations Manager – Nov 2013

    Whilst I have been using Advance Diagnostics

    as a supplier for only a few months I have found them to be very customer focused and responsive. Products arrive either the same day or the following day after being ordered. The product that I utilise is of a high quality and meets all my needs in terms of price and reliability. I have no problem with recommending Advance Diagnostics for their products and service levels.

    – Paul-( Director from a Recruitment Company) March 2013

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